Monday, January 7, 2013

Bringing Out The Big Guns

I'm getting really fucking tired of hearing about gun bans.  There is no way in hell you are going to convince me that we are all safer if we lose the right to bear arms.  Do you really think you will be safe out in this fucked up world if we take guns away from the sane, rational people that followed the LAW to get a gun for safety in the first place?  Will you be happy if a gun ban is in place, and a criminal breaks into your home with a gun, so now you and your family are completely helpless?  If you really feel that the answer to either of those questions is yes, then I think you are being naive.  I think you are being dishonest with yourself about how corrupt our world really is.  You are going to have a very small percentage of survival against a psychopath if your only plan for defense is your own two hands. You are not fucking Batman, so stop kidding yourself.   

Yes, some of those guns have been misused or improperly handled.  I completely understand that there is a problem there.  I don't approve of gun owners leaving their guns around for just anyone to get a hold of whenever they damn well please.  That in itself is a whole different issue.  How do you keep the guns, needed for safety, away from the crazy people that are quite possibly family members?  There is no good answer for that and there are a lot of issues in our society that will never be fixed.  I hear lots of simple answers, and none of them solve these complex problems.  All I know, is that no amount of laws or restrictions we create, are going to keep the deranged and evil people from finding ways around them.  Taking away my right to feel safe isn't going to help either.

Watch Demolition Man and take notes, especially this part when Simon Phoenix is in The Hall of Violence.

A perfect little world being disrupted by a bad guy who doesn't care about that perfect little world.

So go ahead and ban guns today; tomorrow some asshole will find a different weapon to fuck shit up.  Keep passing over the warning signs of the mentally disturbed and pumping their brains full of chemical fixes.  Let's make ourselves weaker and teach our children not to defend themselves, so that a new breed of monster can swoop in and take us all as prey. 

I know I would feel a whole lot better about sending my daughter to school if her teachers were educated on gun safety and were allowed to protect her like this:

Call me extreme, but I believe this is what our country has come to need.  America is not so sweet and wholesome that this should be shocking.  I know that arming teachers isn't the one and only solution to school shootings. It is a small step that would temporarily keep SOME of the crazies away from our children.  Yes, there will be a level of innocence lost as they have to see their teachers carry a gun.  They will have to be taught and prepared for the situations that may deem those guns necessary.  Wouldn't it be better to explain the horrors of the world, rather than let them bear witness to it?  At least their lives are protected, and bottom line, that's all I care about.
So, go ahead and argue with me that you think a ban is better.  You aren't going to convince me and I bet eventually, you won't be able to convince yourself.  If we keep allowing responsibility to be placed on objects and not people, these motherfuckers will use it as the easy way out. They will keep using the insanity plea because they didn't know right from wrong, their parents didn't love them, they are mentally ill...blah blah blah.  I don't care.  If mental illness is truly the case, then we are failing the families that need our help with their sick children. 
No one seems to care about how mentally ill the individual is once they have committed these crimes.  They monsterize them, then blame the gun they used.  We yell at the government to fix things.  We pretend the issues aren't coming from within our own homes. We lock the killer up, throw away the key, and get comfortable with our lives.  We forget the fear and heartache, and then we forget that there are issues still not being addressed.  Then one morning another person has walked into a school, church, whatever, and done it all over again;  all because we keep blaming guns and inviting assholes into "safe" places that have no plan of defense, so they know, no one is there to shoot back.  Seems logical, right?

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  1. Good writing! You should submit this to Westword or something! Kudos.