Thursday, March 29, 2012

People are assholes.

Everything I have in my life is because I decided that's what I wanted and I worked hard for it.  I'm not saying I haven't had help along the way. I also know I've been in situations where it was the right place and the right time, but I took advantage of those moments and ran with them.  I'm looking back on my life since I became an "adult" and I'm pretty damn proud of who I am and what I've accomplished.

Then there are some people that like shit handed to them.  I don't.  Sure I was given life, but that was a gift, so that doesn't count.

I've recently realized some pretty disappointing facts in life due to shitty people and their actions.  I'm trying to keep from losing faith in mankind all together.  People will steal.  They don't care who you are.  I had to learn a lesson that just because someone is nice to your face and you invite them into your home, doesn't mean they won't rob you blind if the chance arises.  I will not let this make me feel like I was betrayed.  I will also not allow myself to be vulnerable again. 

I can't stop people from being assholes, so I'm just gonna keep on doing the best I can as a human being and do right.  I will continue to work hard for my daughter.  I will raise her to do the same for herself and for her family.  I will never again be in the position where I don't know the caliber of person that is in my home and I will make damn sure to protect what is rightfully mine.

So a big FUCK YOU to whoever thought stealing from me was a good idea.  Good luck to you when karma comes around, and even more luck to you if I find out who you are.